Thanksgiving Worship Service

Join us this Sunday for an opportunity to express our thanks to those who have had a great impact on our lives. 

Great ways to express thanks this week:

  • Take a moment this week to write a note or a card to someone who you want to invite as a way of celebrating the relationship you have with them
  • Invite them over to lunch or dinner (or go out) and treat them to a meal (or just coffee) - if they come to church, you can plan on taking them out after service! Or if they aren't able to make church, plan for another time during the week
  • Post a "thank you" message to them on your social media platform of choice! (make sure this is something they feel comfortable with)
  • Provide an act of kindness like dropping off some home-baked goods (Or store bought), offering to mow a lawn or rake leaves, etc. and let them know you really appreciate them
  • Record a clip of you expressing thanks and send it them via email or text! (or send a text with some thanks and a good meme)

Invite those you're thankful for to our "Thank You" Service!
Sunday, November 21, 10am Westown Movies