About Us

The Delaware Church is a non-denominational Christian church consisting of a wide representation of Delaware's diversity.  We strongly believe in sharing the gospel with all nations and hold community Bible discussion groups throughout Delaware.


Our Mission

The Delaware Church truly believes and follows Matthew 28:18-20 to make disciples of all nations.  

Our mission is to REACH out to our community and beyond with good news that Jesus saves.  We TEACH people through the BIBLE how to love God and love their neighbors as themselves.  We EQUIP  believers and send them back throughout their communities and beyond to share the gospel.


Our Vision

The Delaware Church's vision is to engage, encourage, equip and expand our community to experience God's desire for His children to experience abundant Life in Him.  We believe that you can't do life alone, we believe growing people change and that saved people serve people, and found people find other people.

We pray that The Delaware Church can make a Kingdom impact at a global and local level.  We have a desire to reach, teach and grow in the great state of Delaware and beyond.