The Delaware Church Is Studying Out The Book Of Mark!! Make Your Mark And Join us.

Posted on May 6, 2018.

Jesus In Action

Everybody wants to leave their mark. Whether through philanthropy or personal accomplishments or simply breaking new ground in areas deemed impossible to penetrate, the desire to have tangible proof of your life’s value is a stubborn and hungry flame. In an article published in December 2013, TIME Magazine listed Jesus Christ as the most influential man in the history of the world. Fitting, because no other figure has been so polarizing, yet so unifying. So violent in transformation yet so gentle in relationship. So royal and worthy of praise yet so misunderstood and underappreciated. Naturally then, if one so treasures a life that is adjoined with adventure, married in meaning and plated with purpose, then X marks the spot and the spot is the active life of Jesus Christ.