Live Broadcast, Sundays at 10am

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Midweeks & Small Groups

We will continue our church meetings through Zoom. 

To find a small group near you or to join us in our midweeks and fellowship opportunities, please call/text us at 302.709.1331 or email at


Our Midweek Service continues on Wednesday Nights at 7:30pm. 

1st Wednesday - All Midweek (everyone meets)
2nd Wednesday - Men's Midweek
3rd Wednesday - Women's Midweek
4th Wednesday - Family Group Leaders' Training Midweek

Small Groups

Our small are groups of 10-15 people who gather together weekly or bi-weekly in specific regions of Delaware. 
Our small groups also include our life groups, like our singles ministry, marrieds ministry, and youth and family ministries. 

To get involved or find a group near you, please call/text us at 302.709.1331 or email at