Virtual Option Available Sunday Afternoon

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Due to limited bandwidth at the park, we are unable to provide live service broadcasts. Our recordings will be taken from the park back to a stronger signal where it will be reviewed and uploaded. 

If you click on the notifications bell, you'll receive an email whenever the recording is about to show. 

 We will continue with live broadcasts as sooon as our summer ends and we are back in our new location.  




Midweeks & Small Groups

We will continue our church meetings through Zoom. 

To find a small group near you or to join us in our midweeks and fellowship opportunities, please call/text us at 302.709.1331 or email at


Our Zoom Midweek Service continues on Wednesday Nights at 7:30pm 

1st Wednesday - All Midweek (everyone meets)
2nd Wednesday - Men's Midweek
3rd Wednesday - Women's Midweek
4th Wednesday - Family Group Leaders' Training Midweek

Small Groups

Our small are groups of 10-15 people who gather together weekly or bi-weekly in specific regions of Delaware. 
Our small groups also include our life groups, like our singles ministry, marrieds ministry, and youth and family ministries. 

Click here to reach a small group in your area. Small group meeting locations vary depending on the group. 

To get involved or find a group near you, please call/text us at 302.709.1331 or email at